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If you need help with your boat's electrical components, whether it be for repairs, new purchases or for installation of various electronic equipment, you've come to the right place! 

Here at Amp Marine Electric, we provide high quality, expert electrical and electronic services to any size boat in the Miami Dade county area.

Backed by decades of knowledge and experience in all aspects of marine electronics installation, design and repair, we provide professional services that are convenient, efficient and affordable. We specialize in the following: 

  • Marine electronics installations and repair
  • Marine electrical installations and repair
  • Consultations on marine electronics and marine electrical equipment 
  • Design new layouts to retrofit electronics, gauges and switch panels  
  • Trailer electrical installations and repair 
  • LED Lighting installations and repair

Here at Amp Marine Electric, our goal with every client we serve is to provide total customer satisfaction through the honest, high quality work we provide in a manner that's most convenient for our client. We are a totally mobile service which means added convenience on your part because you don't have to travel, towing your boat on the trailer, which we know takes quite a bit of time and effort, in order to avail our services. 

We will be the ones coming to the place where you store your boat, bringing all necessary tools, equipment and replacement parts (if needed), and providing top-notch marine electronic and electrical services right at the comfort of your place, at a schedule that's most convenient to you. 

Next time you need expert assistance with all your boat's electronic equipment or electrical systems repairs, installation, or setup, or if you need the expert advise of a professional with decades of experience before you decide on which equipment to buy, give us a call and we'll be more than happy to lend you a hand!
Marine Electronics Installations & Repair
Marine Electrical Installations & 
Marine Electrical/Electronic Consultations & Designs
Amp Marine Electric will install your new equipment and or repair existing equipment all done with top of the line marine grade materials and test equipment. Guaranteed professional installations and repairs.
All installations and repairs done to ABYC and NMEA standards. All wiring is matched to the load and is marine grade tinned. All connections are sealed and weatherproofed. Every installation and repair is performed to withstand the harshest marine environment.
At Amp Marine Electric we will design a new dashboard layout so you can retrofit new equipment the way you want it laid out. At Amp Marine Electric we will accommodate your electronics so you can easily work your equipment even in rough seas.

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