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Our Services:

Consultations: Consultations on the purchase of new marine electrical and electronic equipment . Ensures that the equipment you purchase is the perfect match to your needs. No money spent on unnecessary parts and equipment. Purchase everything you need right the first time. All questions answered from bilge pumps, switches, gauges to navigation equipment, just to name a few. For example, you want a new marine stereo system on your boat but don't know which model and speakers will give you that great sound that you're looking for. Our consultation will give you the guidance to match a marine stereo to speakers and perhaps a marine amplifier to give you that extra sound to impress. All perfectly matched to give you exactly what you're looking for all within your budget. 

Designs: At Amp Marine Electric we will design a new dashboard layout so you can retrofit new equipment the way you want it laid out. For example, you just purchased a new GPS/Fishfinder but don't like the location where the old one was installed on the dashboard. You have been struggling long enough to see the display and it has been difficult to manage the buttons and knobs. You're looking to have that brand new display directly in front of you for easy access, not off to the right or left, but center of your field of view. At Amp Marine Electric we will accommodate your electronics so you can easily manage your equipment even in rough seas. 

Installations and Repair: Amp Marine Electric will install your new equipment and or repair existing equipment all done with top of the line marine grade materials and test equipment.

Guaranteed professional installations and repairs. All marine electronic installation and marine electrical repair done to ABYC and NMEA standards. All wiring is matched to the load and is marine grade tinned. All connections are sealed and weatherproofed. Every installation and repair is performed to withstand the harshest marine environment.

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